Friday, 16 March 2012

Being Blocked By Imogen Thomas

My thoughts on being blocked by Imogen Thomas:

So ... I tweeted @Imogen_Thomas and @CharlotteChurch to ask if this was theirs:

That Chazza ‘Voice of an Angel’ Church hasn’t replied yet... Probably busy smoking outside The Asda or something.    But for some reason, the right honourable role model of society Imogen Thomas took it upon herself to block me:

Ok so ... my initial reaction  was this:


And then I knocked out a few quick off the mark tweets about me and Ryan Giggs now having more in common than a bald patch.

.... But then I thought about it a little more as I munched on a nice packed of crisp, and, well I had to ‘Ponder the Point’ of whether she has any right to take the moral high ground over a bit of Twitter banter?

Correct me if I am wrong, but this is the very same Imogen Thomas made most famous for being a home wrecking slag, yes?   

The very same Imogen Thomas who repeatedly managed to open wide for Ryan Cunting Giggs, yes? 

The very same Imogen Thomas who then tried to blackmail Giggs (not that I would piss on him if he was on fire like) about going the papers with a kiss and tell, yes?

The very same Imogen Thomas who then sold her story and caused that high court drama with the whole Giggs Being Named On Twitter saga, yes? 

And the very same attention-fucking-seeking shaft-whore Imogen Thomas who tweeted this very picture just a matter of days ago, yes?

Oh yes, Saint Imogen of Cock, it quite clear that you only use Twitter for professional purposes and encourage no forms of banter / abuse. Yes.  Of course.

Have a fucking word with yourself, you fame hungry slagamadagama ...  

You’re just a blag Catherine Zeta Jones anyway, like... Jog on.


  1. Another BELTER THERE JC lad..... made my day

  2. That told her, Jimmy lad!