Friday, 17 February 2012

The whole Piers thing

“Greetings blog world”.. or something like that.

I’m yet to find a suitable greeting that I feel comfortable actually writing.... “Alriggghhht laaaaa” sounds great in real life, but written down it looks like my keyboard is stuck. Which it is....  But that’s another matter.    *deletes internet history*

Anyway, I just thought I’d lash out another blog post and see what happens this time!

First off, thanks everyone for reading my Open Letter To Piers Morgan on Tuesday. I am still in extreme pain from laughing my cock and balls off at the fact that the egotistical moron actually read it and RETWEETED it to his 1.8million followers.

So far it’s had over 19,500 views and it is still getting retweeted now. Of everyone who replied to me on Twitter about it, honestly, like 95% of people agreed with me that the man is indeed a cunt of the highest order, and all replied to him in the tweet he got to see hundreds of people all agreeing that he is the very tip of a bell end. Nice one yooooz  lot. #MutualPiersHaters

I also got a few #PiersArseLickers defending him .. and then a few general haters reckoning that:

1 – I am an attention seeker, who wrote the blog for attention.  

INCORRECT, fact fans... I wrote it because, quite simply, Piers Morgan is a cunt.

 I get enough attention thanks. I can’t walk round town without getting one of the following phrases shouted at me:  “Jimmmmmy lad”  ..  “Where’s Sinbad?” .... “Where’s Fred The Weatherman?” ..  “Steer clear from my patio, lad” etc.

2 – I was desperate for followers, and wrote it to gain followers.

INCORRECT, fact fans... I wrote it because, how do I put this, Piers Morgan is a cunt.

p.s... I have already got more followers than I can keep up with. But hello to all my new followers and #MutualPiersHaters that are a happy coincidence of writing the blog.

3 – I am jealous of Piers Morgan.

INCORRECT, fact fans...again, I wrote it because Piers Morgan is ..*drum roll*... a cunt.

p.s... There’s more chance of me being jealous of a tramp with facial herpes. Telling’ yer.. If God or @JesusChristFTM rocked up and asked me if I would rather be a starving Ethiopian, an aids ridden Man Utd supporting rat (@GNev2) or Piers Morgan...  I’d go for the Ethiopian. At least I’d have a big cock with that option.

4 – I am a washed up soap star that is fully devvo’d to not be famous anymore.

INCORRECT, fact fans... I wrote it because Piers Morgan is a cunt.  Get the picture?  

p.s ... Those of you with more than 3 brain cells will know that I am not actually a washed up soap star. I am still a regular on TV aren’t I?  If you didn’t see my appearance on Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me recently then you missed out big time.

So.. my message to those people is turn it in and just face up to the indisputable fact that Piers Morgan is a cunt.  

There is, however, one thing that I left out of the letter that I’ve been kicking myself about... I proper wanted to tell him that he LOOKS like he can’t dance. You know when you look at someone and you can just tell that they have got the rhythm and movements of an epileptic having a fit whilst driving a go cart over some cobbles and a cattle grid? Yeh... that.  

Now moving on, I hate a lot of people. Not just Piersy Lad. A load of you have been asking me to lash out a few more Open Letters and nominating candidates.  Bono is the favourite so far. I could tear that perma-sunglass wearing numb nut a new one pretty easily, couldn’t I?

I will see what I can rustle up next week.

Oh one final thing...   A picture paints a thousand words.  This one paints that Piers Morgan is a cunt: 

Laters kids
JC x x


  1. hahaha love it jimmy lad ... keep it up

  2. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH an AIDS ridden Man Utd supporting rat @GNev2

  3. Well done Jimmy lad. Can't believe people think you are real. This is a soap star peeps NOT Dean Sullivan. Ok?

  4. I swear to god i break into a sweat just thinking about what a cunt piers morgan is. That fucking etonian twat haunts my nightmares