Monday, 20 February 2012

Dear Rupert Murdoch, NO !

Dear Rupert Murdoch,

I have just woken up to hear that your group has oh so kindly confirmed that The S*n on Sunday will be launched this coming Sunday, by sensitively plastering the news over The S*n's front page.

Do you or your news group not know, or care, that this is a terrible insult to all the families still awaiting Justice for the 96?

I for one feel physically sick at the thought of you strengthening this sham of a newspaper. It is the last thing that Merseyside wants to see.

Rupert, if Twitter had been around back around the fateful time of the Hillsborough disaster, and when said sham of a paper printed such disgusting lies under the shameful title of THE TRUTH ----- the paper would have been forced to close.

We can only hope that the power of Twitter and the passion of the #JFT96 cause today can stop / delay / make you think twice about the launch of The S*n on Sunday.


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  1. Murdock should s but all his papers they are junk

  2. Get Pete Price to 'ave a word Jim..#JFT96

  3. Fair comment jimmy ! I'm not from merseyside but sympathise , however I think it's unfair to expect the rest of the country to boycot the Sunday sun just because of what happened in 96 as tragic as it was and again I do sympathise ! The tabloids provide too much money to the government and Fat tit Murdoch supports Cameron and Osborne so there is not a chance in he'll that anyone will stop it happening , the government rely heavily on the sun tabloid for publicity . Sympathies once again .

  4. Murdoch really is a vile little man. #dontbuythesunonsunday #dontbuythesun #JFT96

  5. Its disgusting..


  6. Thinks it's time you all moved on !

  7. I won't be buying the Sun on Sunday as I too despise Murdoch and his empire. But its more for the hacking scandal that's being investigated now.

  8. Remember he also sacked thousands of print workers!